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Tattoo Shop Dubai

Only Quality Tattoos

Books are open soon!

If you are looking for a tattoo shop in Dubai then you can get in touch here and who knows, you might soon have one of those beautiful tattoos. With professional tattoo artists, we create the most beautiful designs, so whether in colour or black and grey, everything is possible.

Studio Yolanda

More and more expats want a cool tattoo by a good artist and are looking for a professional tattoo shop in Dubai. Get in touch right away and who knows, maybe we can make your idea a reality too. Also check out our Instagram page. So about tattoo shops near me, we are located 15 minutes from the Centre of Dubai.

Books are open soon!

Dubai Tattoo Shop where hygiene is a priority!

Of course, you only want the best and are looking for a tattoo shop in Dubai where hygiene comes first, so the best materials, the best hygiene, that’s important. We work with many years of experience and all certifications in terms of very strict hygiene requirements, so thats why the latest techniques in healing are applied in tattoo shop Dubai. So no worries if you decide to get a beautiful tattoo. If you are looking for permanent make-up than we are also happy to serve you with the very best professionals. Dubai Tattoo Shop – Studio Yolanda is open every workday from 10:00 am – 19:30 pm, sunday closed.

Tattoo Shop Dubai

Also simpler tattoos

Our tattoo Shop in Dubai not only sets highly complex tattoos and tattoo sleeves but also the more simple tattoos. You can book a half-day or full-day session in which we will execute your idea together with you! So sent us an app or contact us by Instagram and get in touch with us.

Tattoo Shop Dubai

Tattoo price

Our rates are for a half-day or full-day session with a half-hour break included. Some days we also do (minimum) 2 hour sessions AED 600 / hour. Creating designs and or modifying designs is also included in this time. If you want a larger tattoo or a sleeve tattoo, for example, you can book several sessions. Depending on your idea, complexity, size, colors, which body part, we will make a plan together with you and fix the session(s).

What Tattoo options do we have

If you are looking for a good tattoo artist in Dubai to get a sleeve or a black and grey tattoo, it is possible. But also a simple tattoo like letters or a sign, a logo or do you have a HD quality picture. Contact us so we can look at your idea. You can book a half-day or full-day session to have your tattoo done in the best Dubai Tattoo Shop.

Highly sought-after is a lion or tiger but we can also create beautiful designs if you have multiple images. We also know approximately how much time your tattoo idea will take. This depends a lot on the complexity, colors, size, location, etc. You can also visit one of our tattoo artists for various tattoo styles. For the larger designs, you will have to visit for several days or parts of the day. Looking for a tattoo shop near me, Studio Yolanda is located on 15 minutes from the city centre. We will give you the best advice and tip for the aftercare of your tattoo. For healing, we have the best and state-of-the-art protection and technology that makes us unique in Dubai. As a result, you will have little inconvenience and no chance of infection after tattooing. Our Tattoo Studio in Dubai helps you through the entire tattoo process.

Female Tattoo Artist Dubai

If you would like to be tattooed by a female tattoo artist in Dubai, Studio Yolanda is also the place to go. Yolanda creates the most beautiful creations. Just get in touch via Whatsapp or Instagram especially for women.

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Tattoo Studio in Dubai with PMU

In our Tattoo Studio Dubai we also do (semi) permanent make-up. PMU in Dubai is very popular because you save a lot of time as your make-up stays on perfectly for a long time. For permanent make-up in Dubai, make an appointment with our Tattoo Studio in Dubai via Instagram and check further on our PMU Dubai website. Yolanda is the best PMU artist in Dubai and she would love to help you! You can also WhatsApp for appointment.

Booking available soon!

As our tattoo shop in Dubai is all about beautiful quality tattoos, and not the lowest price, we soon gonna take bookings. Our tattoo shop Dubai will work only with real tattoo artists who do nice quality tattoos (check our portfolio). Small tattoos are also possible with a minimum of two hours. These days everyone is hobnobbing with tattooing for a few dirhams, we don’t want to put our name to that, just quality for big and small tattoos!