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Tattoo Shop Dubai

Tattoo shops near me

If you are looking for tattoo shops near me within Dubai than Studio Yolanda is definitely a good option. It is located just on the outskirts of Dubai city centre just a 20-minute drive away. In a quiet ambiance, you will get all the attention you need and we will discuss your idea. You can park in front of the door for free and we’ll receive you neatly in person. a tattoo is for the rest of your life so choosing the right tattoo studio in Dubai is of great importance. Making an appointment is easy by clicking here so the way to get your tattoo is short.

A Tattoo shop near me is a logical thought but to get the most beautiful and safe tattoo, it is better to travel a little further. There are several tattoo studios in Dubai where different tattoo artists operate. Take a critical look at their work and make your choice.

Tattoo Dubai

Tattoo Dubai at Studio Yolanda is also the best choice if you choose a realistic tattoo or a portrait tattoo. A tattoo of a dog or a tattoo of a cat is no stranger to us either and we have done them many times. People are often attached to their pets for a long time and want a souvenir when they die. This reminder can very well take the form of a tattoo so you will not forget your friend. Our tattoo artists can do very beautiful animal tattoos. So if you are looking for one of the tattoo shops near me to get such a tattoo, book your tattoo session in Dubai here. Also check our Instagram for more details and portfolio.

Tattoo designs for animals

An Animal Tattoo is common and in demand but it involves details. To make the animal tattoo look real, the details count all the more. Getting a tattoo of a cat is in a class of its own. Our artist specialises in it and makes sure your tattoo looks exactly like your pet. Neem contact op en deel je idee of foto van je dier.

Tattoo onderarm Ethan WhiteDog

Tattoo shops near me for Hand Tattoo

A hand Tattoo is a story apart because the hand is directly visible and there are many blemishes on it. A good tattoo artist knows how to deal with this so think carefully about a hand tattoo before you get one because not every employer is happy with it! If it is possible for you, you can get the most beautiful tattoo on your hand. Dollar tattoos or tiger tattoos are very popular but of course there are endless possibilities to get a great hand tattoo.

If you are also looking for permanent make up with the best specialist in Dubai, click here.