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Are you looking for a reliable tattoo studio in Dubai, Studio Yolanda has many years of experience. It works according to very strict European hygiene rules so there are never any problems with your tattoo. All tools, chair, machines are carefully cleaned after each tattoo, thus preventing infections. We work with the best brands of ink and needles because we stand for quality. During the first session, we discuss with you exactly what you want and turn your idea into a beautiful design. So if you are looking for the best Tattoo Studio in Dubai, contact us and make an appointment

First tattoo? No problem!

If you want a realistic tattoo or a black and grey tattoo, we are happy to help. Almost anything is possible so get in touch via Instagram or Whatsapp and share your idea. Is it your first tattoo right then we are happy to help and put you at ease. We are very customer- and service-oriented and only want the very best for you in our tattoo studio in Dubai.

Butterfly Tattoo

A beautiful tattoo for women is the butterfly tattoo. This tattoo is realistic and a kind of 3D tattoo. Many women like a butterfly tattoo on the chest or shoulder. Yolanda is very good at tattooing all kinds and colours of butterflies and has a lot of experience with this. And if you might like to be tattooed by a woman, Yolanda is the female tattoo artist in Dubai to help you. So feel free to get in touch with your queries.

Tatoeage vlinders

Hand Tattoo at Tattoo Studio Dubai

A hand tattoo requires different knowledge and experience because the skin of the hand is different. The side is stiff and thick while the top is thin. A hand tattoo is very conspicuous and directly in sight, which is why it is extra important to make a good choice for a hand tattoo. You can find several examples on the Internet, but you can think of a nice design yourself and work it out with our artist. At our Tattoo Studio Dubai, we think with you and help you get the coolest hand tattoo possible.

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs abound if you look on the internet but what about the quality. First of all, everything should be 100% hygienic and sterile so you don’t risk infections. Furthermore, it is important that the artist knows exactly what he is doing to make your tattoo design a success. Bring your idea or image and discuss it with our tattoo artist. He or she will be able to help you and possibly improve it further to make your tattoo design even more beautiful! At our Tattoo Studio in Dubai, we go for the most beautiful tattoo. Book your appointment now and who knows, you might soon be walking around with a super beautiful tattoo design in Dubai.